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venture out  to the lake in crit by a horse drawn cart

beginning of the trip

razvan & dingo at the lake

the lake

sleeping on the horse drawn cart

back in the village


back in crit

i started my second round of teaching photography to kids in the village of crit this week, 9 new students in the general class and 4 old students who will be working on individual photo stories for the next 3 weeks. one of the biggest joys of the week so far was giving out photos i took during the last course in april. it was a celebration, and involved many coffees and meals in people’s houses my first day back : )

alina & her grandmother

claudio and his mother

madalina & her father

petre & marius

many many kids in this family, can't remember all their names

village bar, rainy day ice-cream venture

alina & claudio


Born in ‘89 Video
Born in ‘89 Video

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on a latin island
on a latin island

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Around Town

Fulbright 50th Anniversary- Here’s a glimpse into my photo expo and some of Chris’ poetr

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trip to sfantu gheorghe
trip to sfantu gheorghe

a remote fishing village at the end of the danube delta where the black sea and the danube meet. the

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LTMP & Workshops

First LTMP group, April 2010

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